Release notes

Overview of the published InfoCAD program versions

Version 19.1 – 28.11.2019

The pushover analysis for the non-linear detection of the earthquake safety for buildings has been implemented.
The crack direction in the calculation of nonlinear surface structures was possibly not determined correctly. In bridge recalculation on check level 1, the main compressive stress in box girders was always verified according to DIN-TR 102:2003 in state I irrespective of the user setting.

Version 19.0a – 9.10.2019
The dialog for the analysis settings 'Dynamics' has been corrected.

Version 19.0.1 – 30.8.2019
Updates have been made in the listing of the concrete checks. The load type temperature by using the arc length method could be handled not correctly.

Version 19.0 - 15 August 2019
In the setup of 13.8.2019 the uninstaller may be not registered correctly.

Version 19.0 - 13 August 2019
Annual update with focus on user interface, nonlinear calculations and concrete checks.
After copying cross sections between construction stages their material properties were incorrect under certain circumstances. For design objects, a rotation of the cross section was not correctly considered if the center of gravity was selected as the reference point. During checking the reinforcing steel stresses in the SLS for area elements, results of non-relevant reinforcement layers were graphically displayed under certain circumstances.
In the shear check according to DIN 4227, the length of the verification section was not determined correctly under certain circumstances. A new imported Revit® analysis model was not saved under certain circumstances..
Further information is available on the News page.

Version 18.2b - 3 April 2019
The cross-sectional representation could lead to errors in polygons with openings.
There were misrepresentations when element marking when a black background was activated.
The printout of long print lists may been canceled unexpectedly.

Version 18.2a - 7 Mar 2019
Objects outside the screen window were also not selected with 'Select all' or 'Select group'.
The page preview text box may have been positioned differently in the printout.

Version 18.2 - 22 Feb 2019
New results representations; Road bridge recalculation in level 4.
On Windows 10, InfoCAD (64-bit) reported an "OLE initialization error" when certain operating system DLLs were incompatible.
The individual program for crack width limitation erroneously reported an input error concerning floating point values.
The InfoCAD BIM Add-In for Revit® reported an error in a Revit DLL on some installations.

Version 18.1.1 – 30 Nov 2018
A licensing error could cause the BCF editor to become unavailable.

Version 18.1 – 27 Nov 2018
Data exchange in BCF format, British standard for steel and timber.
The script error of the help system on Windows 10 with update KB4458469 or function update 1809 has been fixed.

Version 18.0a.1 – 10 Sep 2018 – Correction for Version 18.0a
When conducting the fatigue check for principal tensile stresses according to Chapter of the German Recalculation Guideline for Road Bridges, the decisive stress range was not determined correctly under certain circumstances.

Version 18.0a – 06 Aug 2018 – Correction for Version 18.0
The InfoCAD BIM Add-In now supports Autodesk Revit® 2019.
Tendons, load models (TS, UDL) and some more objects could not be copied via the clipboard.
When printing the design settings for Eurocode, cross-sections with the material type "concrete" led to an error message.

Version 18.0 - 18 July 2018
Annual update with focus on BIM and bridge construction.
For design objects with eccentric axis position and prestressed cross-sections, the calculation of the absorbable bending moments according to the German recalculation guideline for road bridges was corrected.
Further information is available on the News page.

Version 17.2a - 08 May 2018 - Correction for Version 17.2
During mesh generation on model faces, the properties rotation angle, eccentricity and partial view information defined for these, were not adopted correctly by the elements.

Version 17.2 - 04 May 2018
To calculate the minimum crack reinforcement according to EN 1992-1-1, the coefficient kc under the action 'centrical tension' is no longer calculated according to Eq. (7.2) or (7.3), but generally assumed to be kc = 1.
Further information is available on the News page.

Version 17.1.1 - 18 Dec 2017 - Correction for Version 17.1
Within the lateral torsional buckling check according to EN 1993-1-1, the plastic resistance of round tube sections was not determined correctly.
The internal forces of design objects were not always determined correctly for shell elements with element eccentricity.

Version 17.1 - 07 Dec 2017
New InfoCAD BIM Add-in for Autodesk Revit®.
Eccentricities for beams and area elements.
Further information is available on the News page.

Version 17.0a - 01 Sep 2017 - Correction for Version 17.0
When using the snap mode "endpoint", element nodes could be found.
Entering beam series could result in a program abort.
For DIN Technical Report, definition of new action combinations was blocked.

Version 17.0 - 22 Aug 2017
Annual update with focus on dynamics, bridge construction and construction stages.
Further information is available on the News page.

Version 16.3a - 16 Jun 2017
Extension of line hinges for modeling of balcony connections.
Further information is available on the News page.

Version 16.3 - 30 May 2017
Revision of construction stages.
Extension for bridge checks.
Further information is available on the News page.

Version 16.2.1 - 17 Feb 2017
Non-linear analysis of prestressed structures.
Revision of IFC objects.
Further information is available on the News page.

Version 16.1a - 20 Jan 2017 - Correction for Version 16.1
When using own loads for TS and UDL and setting a combination coefficient psi = 0, the combination was incomplete.

Version 16.1 - 12 Dec 2016
Extensions for steel checks.
Superposition of laminate stresses.
Further information is available on the News page.

Version 16.0a - 16 Aug 2016
Extensions for timber checks and bridge recalculation.
Further information is available on the News page.

Version 16.0 - 07 Jul 2016
Annual update with focus on bridge construction and pile foundations.
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