InfoCAD 16.3a (June 2017)

Line hinge with spring stiffness
Line hinge with spring stiffness

General Information

  • The FEM line hinges now support spring stiffnesses.
    These are suitable for modeling balcony connections (e.g. according to the Schöck Isokorb® FEM Directive).

InfoCAD 16.3 (May 2017)

Construction stages with extended functionality
Construction stages with extended functionality

General Information

  • The preparation of the geometric stiffness matrix for the calculation of buckling eigenvalues is now parallelized also.

Construction Stages

The functionality has been completely revised and extended. The following improvements were made:
  • In the calculation menu you can now start the calculation of all available construction stages.
  • In the new docking window all construction stages are listed and can be loaded directly.
  • Properties (e.g. tendon geometries) can be copied to all selected construction stages.
  • Objects can be subsequently added and copied to other construction stages.
  • The 'CS attribute' has been removed. The connection of the files is now only made via file names.


  • The position of the mass center point is calculated (added in the listing).
  • The preparation of the mass matrix was parallelized.

Nonlinear System Analysis

  • The start reinforcement is now added to the listing.
  • For 3D beams, the complete stress state is now listed and can be visualized.
  • The extreme steel stresses for beam elements can now be visualized.

EN 1992-2 and und National Annexes

  • The check against fatigue for concrete struts according to EN 1992-2, Chapter 6.8.7, has been added.

Recalculation Guideline for Road Bridges

  • The check against fatigue for concrete struts is now guided separately for the stress directions y and z.
  • The check of the concrete and prestressing steel stresses at the ultimate limit state of the bearing capacity can now be selected separately for each cross-section.
  • The checks were adapted to the BAST interpretations from 2.2. 2017.

EN 1993-1-1 and National Annexes

  • The cross section library was extended by hot-rolled hollow sections according to EN 10210-2.
  • For pipe and rectangular sections, the stability proof for bending and pressure according to EN 1993-1-1, Chapter 6.3.3, was supplemented (lateral torsional buckling program).

EN 1995-1-1 and National Annexes

  • In the analysis settings, it can now be selected which cross-sectional dimensions are decisive for the determination of the coefficient kh according to Chapter 3.2 and 3.3.

License Manager

  • The environment variable INFOSERVER can be used to specify a number of computers for license connections. If the primary computer fails, InfoCAD automatically connects to a backup computer if a license manager is active there.
  • In order to improve the reliability, we now also offer licensing of special backup hardlocks.