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InfoCAD 18.2 (Feb 2019)

General Information

  • The graphical representation of fem structures has been considerably accelerated.
  • The properties of line supports can now be stored in a database as a template.
  • In the color representation of the node deformations, the deformation figure can now be activated simultaneously.
  • The result representation 'colored' has been supplemented for beam elements.
  • The result representation 'colored' is now also available in the cross-section representation.

Print List

  • For selected entries in the print list, it is now possible to select which settings are to be refreshed. For multiple entries, the viewport or the visible layers can be refreshed at the same time.

Recalculation of Road Bridges in Level 4

A new add-on module allows level 4 verification in accordance with the Canadian Standard CSA A23.3-14: 2015 based on the Modified Compression Field Theory (MCFT) for both prestressed and not prestressed components. In detail, the following checks are carried out:

  • Determining the shear coefficient β and the compressive stress angle θ using the longitudinal strain parameter εx according to the general calculation method (Chapter
  • Determination of the minimum shear reinforcement Av according to chapter 11.2.8
  • Consideration of the lateral force resistance Vc for unreinforced concrete according to Chapter 11.3.4
  • Design of lateral force reinforcement according to Chapter 11.3.3 considering the maximum shear force capacity Vr,max
  • Checking the minimum torsional resistance Tcr according to Chapter 11.2.9
  • Design of torsional stirrup reinforcement according to Chapter
  • Design of torsional longitudinal reinforcement according to Chapter
  • Proof of the ultimate load capacity for combined loads from lateral force and torsion according to Chapter

Further information can be found in the corresponding manual section.

Checks for Concrete Structures as per EN 1992-1-1 and EN 1992-2

  • For the decompression check, the relevant action combination can now optionally be selected independently from the exposure class.

Bridge Checks as per DIN EN 1992-2

  • Within the dialog for selecting the type of structure, „Road + Railway“ can now be chosen for mixed-use bridge constructions.
  • For the structure type "Road + Railway", combinations according to Tables 7.101DE and 7.102DE can be selected simultaneously.
  • The relevant combination for the decompression check can now be freely selected in the cross-section dialog.

Steel Checks as per DIN EN 1993-1-1 and OENORM B 1993-1-1

  • The checks were adapted to the new versions of the Austrian National Annex of November 2011 as well as the German National Annex of December 2018. Changes are limited to editorial adjustments.