User Interface

System definition with model objects
System definition with model objects

The InfoCAD program has a graphical user interface where you can define entire structures along with their material and section properties and various loads. All common CAD functions such as positioning, copying, and mirroring are available for this purpose. The program also features layer and color management, which allows you to process even the most complex of structures. When developing the software we placed particular emphasis on making the interface both intuitive and user friendly.


  • Interactive 3D CAD user interface with layer functions
  • CAD functions such as copy, mirror, move and others for all objects
  • NURBS objects for handling free-form geometries
  • Drawing objects as construction aids
  • Automatic and manual dimensioning
  • Fully automatic mesh generation for 2D and 3D systems with an option for manual partial meshes
  • Intersections and generation of ruled surfaces
  • Manual element editing including condensation, adjustment, node movement, etc.
  • No restriction on directions of internal forces and reinforcements
  • Independent mesh controls
  • Automatic alignment of element eccentricities
  • Line joints, beam joints with spring rigidities, link joints and single links
  • Spring elements with any nonlinear characteristic (FEM)
  • Elastic bedding with exclusion of tensile stresses with the bedding factor or the modulus of compressibility method
  • Rigid or spring-mounted single and line supports, exclusion of tensile supports (FEM)
  • DXF interface, Windows clipboard
  • DSTV and IFC data transfer
  • Transfer of reinforcements to construction programs
  • Graphical and tabular views
  • Serial print with automatic updating of results plots
  • Photorealistic presentation and animation