Trouble Shooting

This page details common problems and how to fix them:

InfoCAD cannot be started via a remote desktop connection. The following message appears

If the program is to be used via a remote desktop connection, e.g. from home office, a network license is required. Please contact our staff for this.

When using the "Send..." function of the InfoCAD file menu, the message "Server Busy" appears

This message may appear when MS Outlook is registered as the default e-mail application (MAPI). In this case, the function will only be executed correctly if the bit numbers of InfoCAD and Outlook match (32/64-bit), cf.

Download of the installation files is interrupted unexpectedly

Some antivirus programs (e.g. Kaspersky) interrupt the download of the installation files unexpectedly. The setup file is unusable.

Workaround: Deactivate the AV software temporarily.

An error occurs while installing the hardlock driver HASPUserSetup.exe

Unable to install c:\windows\...\akshhl.inf (or similar)
Error Code: 42 xx xx 5 or 12 xx xx 32

This can be caused by an antivirus program due to blocking access to driver files. The manufacturer of the hardlock driver, SafeNet Inc., recommends in this case to disable the virus scanner during installation.

During Program Installation the following Message appears

There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into Drive\Device\Harddisk1\DR1

This message can appear if the drive letter of a card reader was linked with a NTFS folder on drive C:. If no memory card is plugged in, the operating system reports an error while searching for the installation folder.

Please, ignore the message and press the "Continue" button.

The Programm Cannot be Started or Generates an Error

(Windows 7, 32-Bit and Xerox Printer Driver Vers. 5.85.10 (e.g. Xerox Phaser) as default printer)

A bug in the driver leads to abnormal program termination (error module: x2utilAY.dll).

Please do not configurate the appropriate printer/driver as default.

The Help System Cannot be Started

(Program version 6.5a and higher and network installation)

Starting with this version the help system has been changed to HTML help, complying with the recommendations for Windows Vista. Due to the security guidelines of your operating system, you cannot, however, launch an HTML help file from the network environment. As a remedy, have your system administrator perform the necessary settings on your computer (Instructions).

On Windows 10, the update KB4458469 from September 20, 2018, or the function update 1809 should be installed.

The Help System Reports a Script Error

This problem was solved with InfoCAD version 18.1.

When using older versions on Windows 10 with update KB4458469 or function update 1809, the help system reports a script error. This is caused by new Windows security policies for HTML Help files. As a remedy, please proceed as follows:

  1. Right-click on the link with which InfoCAD is started and select the "Properties" function in the context menu.
  2. On the "Shortcut" tab of the properties dialog, verify the "Start in" edit field. If this field is empty, enter the InfoGraph program folder, such as "C:\Program Files (x86)\InfoGraph".
  3. Close the properties dialog with "OK".

The described remedy is only effective if InfoCAD is started via the modified link. When starting by double-clicking on a project file, the problem persists.

The FEM Program Reports "Not Enough Memory"

The virtual RAM memory is limited to 2 gigabytes for 32-bit Windows. DLLs loaded by Windows for every application can lead to a fragmentation of the memory. The memory block required by the equation solver may therefore no longer be available.

The program MemTest.exe available for download helps you monitor the available memory. Further information can be found in the InfoCAD help system under the keyword 'capacity limit.'

Using the iterative equation solver or the Parallel Sparse Solver, the memory problem can typically be avoided.

The 64-Bit Edition offers a program version that can draw on the entire memory available.

The license manager is not accessible via VPN connection

From an external workstation with a VPN connection, the InfoGraph License Manager can not be reached, although the associated server can be addressed via ping.

The SMB (Server Message Block) protocol is used to communicate with the license manager. Set up the workstation firewall to allow communication via the SMB protocol. For setup information, contact the manufacturer of the firewall, e.g. in the manual of the antivirus program.

The license manager running on a virtual server is not accessible

The license manager running on a virtual server is not accessible by clients on the network. For error analysis, the following requirements should be checked:

  • Is the virtual server accessible via ping?
  • Do server and client support the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol?
  • Do the firewalls allow communication via SMB?
  • Can clients access shared folders on the server?

For further information about the SMB protocol, please refer to

Computer slow down through AV program

Modern antivirus programs monitor the activities of running programs. This can lead to a loss of speed.

When using the popular AV program 'BitDefender', for example, a speed reduction by a factor of 3 - 6 could be determined in both the graphic and the calculations.

The reason for this is the default activated 'Advanced Security' feature. As a remedy, the executable programs can be excluded here.

Other AV programs have similar functions. For more information, contact your administrator.