Study Version

The free InfoCAD Study Version includes a fully functional version of the program, an interactive introductory course, the comprehensive program documentation, and a collection of examples. The graphical user interface, the calculation and checking methods and the results output are all the same as in the full version; the only restriction is the limited program capacity. This makes the study version an ideal platform to get to know all the program functions, try out the examples provided, or work on a small project of your own.

The Study Version is freely available in our Download area. Here you will also find examples and documentations for your individual training.


  • Beam and cable structures, prismatic shell structures, shell and solid models, prestressed concrete structures
  • Finite element method, second-order theory, buckling, localized buckling, prestressing, dynamic analysis, physical nonlinear calculation
  • Design according to DIN 1045-1, SIA 262 and EN 1992-1-1 with National Annexes, bridge checks according to DIN technical report and EN 1992-2 with National Annexes, earthquake checks according to DIN 4149, SIA 261 and EN 1998-1, steel checks according to DIN 18800 and EN 1993, timber checks according to DIN 1052 and EN 1995.
  • Graphical and alphanumerical representations, plot output, visualization and animation of the deformations
  • Windows clipboard, text, graphical and reinforcement data
Module Capacity
Finite Elements 1000 elements
1 area section
1 beam section
Dynamics 1 eigenmode
Prestressing 1 tendon
Frameworks 10 beams
1 section
1 material
Checks without restrictions