Pushover Analysis

Determination of the target displacement of a reinforced concrete frame

This example was selected based on the publication OS Modeler – Examples of application, Version 1, University of Ljubljana, 2008, Matjaž Dolšek. From the results of the pushover analysis, the target displacement for a defined seismic load is determined. The target displacement is determined by the N2 method.


In order to reach the storey masses examined in the example, the involved masses were applied to the model. For the subsequent pushover calculation horizontal static pseudo loads required. These are determined according to EN 1998-1, Annex B with the help of the mass assignment and the basic modal form by the program and applied to the mass points.

Nonlinear Analysis

For the nonlinear pushover analysis, load cases are required which include both the static load components (G) and the horizontal load components (earthquakes) to be increased. The horizontal load components to be increased (Modal.y or Const.y) have already been determined within the dynamic calculation.

The second-order theory and the arc length method are chosen in the analysis settings. The reinforcement is considered according to the information in the publication.


After the two calculation steps the capacity curve in the multi-mass system and in spectral representation are available.