As of January 2023

Basic Packages Euro plus VAT
Finite Elements 2D 3,900.00
Finite Elements 3D 8,950.00
Frameworks 2D 1,900.00
Frameworks 3D 2,500.00
Axisymmetric Shells 2,300.00
Extension Modules  
Serviceability Checks 750.00
Timber Checks 750.00
Cable Elements 1,500.00
Second Order Theory 1,250.00
Equation Solver 1,250.00
Torsional Buckling Check 500.00
Solid Models 2,950.00
Dynamics 3,900.00
Prestressing 4,900.00
Bridge Checks 3,900.00
Nonlinear System Analysis 3,500.00
Structural Fire Analysis 2,450.00
InfoCAD BIM RV (BIM add-in for Autodesk® Revit®) free


Pricing, Installation

The offers above exclusively address themselves to persons, who aim at an predominantly commercial or independent vocational use of our products. All goods and services are subject to the General Terms and Conditions of InfoGraph GmbH. The listed prices are quoted ex works Aachen, Germany, and
exclude VAT. On-site installation will be charged on a time and material basis.

Scope of Delivery, Network Licenses

The InfoCAD program system is delivered on a CD and is compatible with Windows 8 and newer. The programs feature software protection and are installed with single-user or network licenses. The licensing fees do not depend on the type of installation.

Multiple Licenses

The price list shows the fees for the initial license of the program components. In the case of multiple installations at one business location, the following scale of discount shall apply:

2nd license: 40% discount on initial license
3rd or subsequent license: 70% discount on initial license

Extension of Program Licenses

All program licenses can be extended in a modular fashion. Program components purchased during the warranty or maintenance period shall be credited based on the range of functions they provide. After this period, the licensee may be charged for updating older program components prior to extension.

Warranty Period

The warranty period is 6 months. Within that period the licensee may receive program maintenance and application support free of charge.

Software Maintenance

Upon conclusion of a software maintenance agreement, the licensee is eligible for all program revisions and extensions during the entire agreement period. In addition, the licensee may make use of the support services of the licensor regarding program system use at any time via telephone, mail or the internet.

The maintenance agreement can be concluded during the warranty period and will be valid for one year. It will automatically be extended by an additional year unless terminated three months before expiration.

The maintenance fees depend on the type and scope of the program licenses and are imposed at the start of each agreement year. Each license is always included in the agreement as a whole.

Multiple licenses are charged based on the scale of discount.

Program maintenance and consulting are provided free of charge during the warranty period.

Annual Maintenance Fees for First License Euro plus VAT
Finite Elements 2D 780.00
Finite Elements 3D 1,380.00
Frameworks 2D 300.00
Frameworks 3D 460.00
Axisymmetric Shells 330.00
Equation Solver 200.00
Solid Models 440.00
Dynamics 550.00
Prestressing 780.00
Bridge Checks 550.00
Nonlinear System Analysis for Frameworks 300.00
Nonlinear System Analysis for Frame and Shell Structures 500.00
Structural Fire Analysis 390.00