Extension Module for the 3D FEM Calculation

Calculation of prestressed beam, shell and solid element structures according to DIN 1045-1, OENORM B 4750, SIA 262 and EN 1992-1-1.

  • Element-independent 3D tendon guide
  • Consideration of over-stressing reserve through using the Kappa allowance according to DAfStb (German Committee of Reinforced Concrete) Book 525, DIN Technical Report 102 and DIN EN 1992-1-1
  • Load processing using cubical spline functions
  • Consideration of creep and shrinkage at the composite section
  • Checks at the ultimate limit state
    • Minimum reinforcement for ensuring robustness
    • Bending with or without longitudinal force or longit. force alone
    • Lateral force under consideration of minimum reinforcement
    • Pure torsion and torsion with lateral force
  • Checks against fatigue
    • Bending reinforcement and prestressing steel
    • Shear and torsional reinforcement
    • Concrete under logitudinal compressive stress
    • Concrete compressive struts under lateral force and torsion
  • Checks at the serviceability limit state
    • Minimum reinforcement for limiting crack width
    • Limiting crack width through direct calculation
    • Check of the decompression
    • Limiting the concrete compressive stress
    • Limiting the reinforced concrete stresses
    • Limiting the prestressing steel stresses

Graphical and interactive input of tendon geometry with visual control of the prestress distribution, graphical display of the calculated reinforcements and stresses of all action combinations and situations. Output of a detailed check log.