Pile Calculation

Support construction with ground anchors

Support construction with ground anchors
Support construction with ground anchors

The purpose of the system example, illustrated here, is to demonstrate the design of a pile cross section and the anchor forces. At the same time, the check of the acceptable soil pressure will be conducted.

Given that the piles are linked together by the beams and the excentric connected slab, the calculation is carried out on the 3D system.

The bedding profile is defined by the specified ground layers. The bedding as well as the strength that maintains the soil pressure could vary over the height. By defining different horizontal bedding values a variation in the circumferential direction is also realised.

During the generation of the system beam elements with the given soil properties will be assigned to each pile (edge with the meaning 'pile beam') that resides inside the bedding profile.

The stress in the system results from the dead load, traffic and earth pressure. The internal forces resulting from calculating the system will be subsequently used to design the pile cross sections and the anchors.

The extreme stress is prepared and examined in order to conduct the check of the soil pressure.

The given material strength values are considered during nonlinear calculations and therefore the permitted soil pressure is automatically met. In the following figure the material strength values and the calculated soil pressure are compared.