Nonlinear System Analysis

Determination of the internal force and deformation values for reinforced and prestressed concrete as well as steel with allowance for physical nonlinearities (state 2 resp. plasticity).

  • Reinforced and prestressed concrete with stress-strain-curve according to DIN 1045-1, OENORM B 4700, SIA 262 and EN 1992-1-1
  • Effect of concrete on tension between cracks
  • Ultimate limit state
    • Check with allowance for existing reinforcement
  • Serviceability limit state
    • Deformations with allowance for existing reinforcement
  • Consideration of long-time deformations as result of concrete creep ans shrinkage
  • Steel with bilinear stress-strain-curve under consideration of the Huber - von Mises yield criterion and interaction with all internal forces. Bilinear stress-strain curve and separately definable compressive and tensile strength (yield criterium according to Raghava, Rankine, Drucker-Prager and Lubliner)
  • Damage models according Mazars and De Vree and elasto-plastic damage (Lubliner, Lee & Fenves) for solid element constructions
  • Mohr-Coulomb material for the calculation of soil models with solid elements
  • Calculations in the supercritical range using the arc length method
  • Calculation of load-displacement curves
  • Bedding with bilinear bedding curve
  • Automatic reinforcement increase during ultimate limit state check for frameworks

Graphical display of internal forces, strains and stresses on the upper and lower sides as well as maximum comparison stresses of the elements.