InfoGraph · Software for Structural Design

InfoCAD Graphical Desktop 1987

Designing engineering software with a graphical user interface was the main corporate objective when InfoGraph (Ingenieurgesellschaft für graphisch unterstützte Datenverarbeitung mbH) was founded in 1987. Based on research at the Technical University of Aachen, InfoGraph released the program system InfoCAD with a graphical 3D user interface already in the first year of its foundation. This software solution was specifically optimized for spatial structural problems and offered engineers an interactive model processing solution on graphical desktops running the MS-DOS operating system. The company's philosophy has since then been characterized by innovative algorithms as well as universal usability and high reliability of their products

InfoCAD Windows User Interface 1997

Starting in 1997, the program concept has been further refined through integration into the Windows operating systems and has been given a sustainable technical basis with the use of object-oriented programming methods. Since then, calculation and check of any type of structure, from simple slab systems and pre-stressed 3D shell structures to dynamically stressed solid models, allow a wide range of applications in structural engineering. Model preparation, calculation control and results output are carried out in the well-proven CAD interface for all types of structures. Specific interfaces allow for bidirectional data exchange with products from other manufacturers as needed.

InfoCAD Analysis Model of Dam Project 'Presa Angostura', Peru

The success of the InfoGraph program systems has been demonstrated over the years in a variety of challenging projects carried out by engineering companies, construction firms and government institutions in 20 countries. Typical fields of application are building and bridge construction, silo and tank construction as well as industrial and power plant construction. Continuous development, adaptation to changing technical standards, regular training courses and individual consulting ensure permanently the productivity and usability of this complex software product.