Finite Elements 3D

Calculation of slabs, plain stress structures, shells and prismatic shell structures as well as 2D and 3D frameworks.

  • Internal forces calculation, stress determination, load case combination
  • Construction stages
  • Polygonal beam sections, steel sections
  • Laminate cross-sections, pile calculation
  • Elastic bedding with exclusion of tensile stress
  • Elastic support according to modulus of compressibility method
  • Stiff or spring-mounted support with exclusion of tensile forces
  • Frameworks based on the second-order theory
    Determination of influence lines and surfaces
  • Checks at the ultimate limit state
    - Bending with or without longitudinal force or long. force only
    - Lateral force with minimum level of reinforcement
    - Pure torsion or torsion with lateral force
    - Check of the shear joint
    - Check against punching shear
    - Check against concrete and reinforcing steel fatigue
  • E-E and E-P steel checks
  • Section analysis of polygonal beam sections
  • Management of a profile database

CAD user interface for entering all system data, graphical and alphanumeric results output, serial print with automatic updating of results plots, animation with the InfoGraph System Viewer, data exchange over DXF, DSTV, IFC and SAF interfaces, transfer of reinforcements to construction programs.