Composit Sections

Cross sections of various materials

The cross-section type 'Composite' allows you to 'assemble' cross-sections from partial cross-sections of different materials. Existing polygon, rectangular, library and parameter cross-sections can be used.

The cross-section analysis includes the determination of the unit warping from shear force and torsion according to the finite element method. This results in the ideal torsional moment of inertia Ix and the elastic stresses from the internal forces of the cross-section.

After the structural analysis, the internal forces, the deformations and the stress curve from load as well as residual stress states (e.g. from temperature or creep) are available.

Nonlinear Analysis

The composite cross-section is also available for nonlinear system analysis. The analysis takes into account the existing concrete or prestressing steel reinforcement. The strengths and the stress-strain relationships are taken from the respective materials of the partial cross sections. In addition to the deformations and internal forces, the associated section stresses are available.