FEM mesh in transparency representation
FEM mesh in transparency representation

The InfoGraph program systems offer a number of software solutions that are specifically optimized for structural design and feature a range of tools for interactive modeling. With the ability to calculate and check any structure, from simple slab systems and prestressed 3D shell structures to dynamically stressed solid models, the system can be used for a variety of civil engineering tasks. Model editing, analysis control and results output for all structure types are performed in a standard 3D CAD user interface with functions familiar from Windows. Special data interfaces ensure that you have access to third-party programs.

InfoCAD Options:

  • 2D and 3D beam and shell structures, cable structures and solid models
  • Laminate cross-sections, pile calculation
  • Geometrically and physically nonlinear analysis
  • Spring elements with any nonlinear characteristics
  • Line hinges with spring stiffnesses (e.g. for modeling balcony connections acc. to the Schöck Isokorb® FEM Directive)
  • Determination of buckling eigenmodes
  • Bending, shearing and torsional design, robustness reinforcement
  • Punching shear check, fatigue check, concrete and steel stresses, crack width limitation
  • European standards (Eurocode, DIN, OENORM and SIA)
  • Design of steel structures for classes 1 to 4 (automatic classification, lateral torsional buckling)
  • Design of timber structures per EN 1995-1-1 and EN 1992-1-2
  • Dynamic calculations, earthquake checks, time step integration, dynamic train crossing, nonlinear cable dynamics, dynamic collapse analysis
  • Prestressing of beam, shell and solid structures
  • Bridge checks according to EN 1992-2 and DIN Technical Reports 101/102
  • Computation of construction stages with creep redistribution
  • Structural analysis for fire scenarios based on the general calculation method
  • Design objects for stress integration at any section
  • NURBS objects for handling free-form geometries
  • Tetrahedron elements with contact properties and thermal analysis
  • Exchange of digital building models (BIM) via IFC, SAF (Structural Analysis Format) or Autodesk Revit® API
  • Damage models for solid structures