BIM - Building Information Modeling

Connection to the digital building model

Digital building model
Digital building model

The term 'BIM' refers to a modern planning method in the construction industry, which uses a digital image of the structure over its entire life cycle. The international IFC standard according to ISO16739 serves as a manufacturer-neutral exchange format for all planners involved.

Since 2005, the InfoCAD program has been supporting the IFC data exchange as part of the import and export functions and thus ensures the connection to this planning method.

For users of Autodesk® Revit®, there is also the option of using InfoCAD BIM RV to transfer the analytical model directly to InfoCAD.

InfoGraph is a member of buildingSMART e.V., an initiative set up in 1995 to promote and develop digital building models (BIM) and open interfaces (IFC) in the construction industry.

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