64-Bit Edition

Structure and System Characteristics
Structure and System Characteristics

The 64-Bit InfoCAD program version is available for users dealing with very large systems of equations or data volumes.

The message box of the computational program shown indicates the system parameters of this structure.The system of equations with a size of 15.2 gigabytes could not be solved in this form using a 32-bit computer system. However, the 64-bit edition can easily handle a project of this size.

Preconditions for the use of the 64-bit edition of InfoCad are a 64-bit computer as well as the 64-bit version of the operating system.

For handling such large systems, a physical memory (RAM) of at least 8 gigabytes is recommended.

The address space is limited to 4 gigabytes (GB) for 32-bit computer systems. Of those, 2 GB are reserved for the operating system. The other 2 GB are available for applications. The amount of memory space that is actually available for calculations is reduced further by applications that are loaded by the operating system.

For 64-bit systems the address space is limited to 16 terabytes (TB). Of those, 8 TB are reserved for the operating system. The remaining 8 TB are available for applications.The only factors limiting usable memory size are the available hard drive capacity and the acceptable calculation time.