InfoCAD 16.2 (February 2017)

Tension stresses in state II
Tension stresses in state II
Representation of crack strains
Representation of crack strains

General Information

  • The selection features of the command 'Select group...' was significantly extended.
  • In the print preview, a new arrow object is available as a supplement to the commentary box.
  • The commentary box can now be filled with a hatching pattern or a backgroung image.
  • The torsional moment of inertia Ix of polygonal cross sections can now be given a factor. So the torsional stiffness of several cross-sections can be simultaneously reduced.

Nonlinear System Analysis

  • It is now also possible to calculate prestressed structures. The tensioning strings are implemented directly into the stiffness matrix and act in the concrete composite.
  • The calculated tendon stresses and utilization are determined for the graphical representation.
  • The crack strains can be shown for area elements. This allows a good assessment of the expected crack pattern.


  • The conversion of IFC objects has been fundamentally revised.